Sunday School

9:00-9:45 AM every Sunday. 

There are classes for all ages, including multiple adult class choices.

Children’s Classes

Toddler Class (PreK)
March: Jesus
-makes a lame man walk
-makes sick men well
-loves little children
April: Jesus
-likes children’s praise
-died but rose again
-goes home to heaven
-tells us God cares for us
-God’s wonderful Son
May: God
-gives us friends
-gives us families
-gives us food
-gives us nighttime for sleep
God’s good gifts

K-5th Grade
~Jesus Teaches
~Mary Anoints Jesus
~Jesus Washes Feet
~Jesus Breaks the Bread
~Jesus Prays
~ Palm Sunday
~ Emmaus
~Thomas Believes
~ Peter and John
~Peter in Prison
~Paul is Changed
~Paul Escapes

Toddler ()Pre-K)
Balinda Graves
Dorothy Lindstrom
Terri Lindstrom
Lois Labowski
Rhae Brown
Trish Schwabenbauer
Laurie Curtis
Sylvia Lingenfelter

Adult Classes

Kneeling Christian Class
Dr. Larry Wells, Teacher
God has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life
by Ray Comfort

Butterfly Class
Holly Bailey, Teacher
Voice of the Martyrs
by Warmbrand