H20 Student Ministries

H20 Student Ministries

H20 (showing Him 2 Others) Student Ministries exists to introduce students to a relationship with Jesus, invite them to be a part of a bigger story, and equip them to follow Jesus. We are run by a team of dedicated volunteer adult & student leaders who desire to see students come to know and love God.

Due to state and local coronavirus restrictions, and the large volume of students we generally have at Friday Night Flood every week, we are making a few changes to our Flood gathering at this time. We are still as committed as ever to introducing people to Jesus and helping them grow as they walk with Him – and we are excited to continue our ministry to students in Corry, PA in this way!

Starting on September 11th, 2020, Flood Small Groups (groups of no more than 25 at a time) will meet together for 90 minutes at a scheduled time each Friday. Each student will be placed in a group with caring leaders and peers. Masks will be provided for each student, and temperatures will be taken at the door to ensure the safety of all. Each small group will have their own meeting time (the same time each week) – complete with games, teaching, discussion, and prayer together. For more details, see the FAQ down below.

If you are unsure what Flood group your child is in and what time they should arrive, you can email us at sarah@corryfirst.org.
To register your student for a Flood group for the first time, click here.

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About Us:

Friday Night Ministry

Friday Night Flood is for all students in grades 6 through 12 and focuses on creating an environment for students to belong, be loved, and find hope. We do this by plugging students into small groups of peers to build relationships with, providing age-appropriate teaching, and opportunities for worship and fun. Flood happens on Friday nights during the school year.

Wednesday Night Life Group

Life Group is for students in 6-12th grade and takes place on Wednesday nights from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm at Corry First all year round. Life Group exists to dive together into bible study, discipleship, worship, and prayer – and grow our family deeper.

COVID-19 PARENT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What precautions will you be taking to ensure the safety of my child during this pandemic?
We will be doing our best to adhere to the CDC guidelines and consider the suggested precautions of our local and state governments. We’ll be taking the temperatures of all students when they come into the building, before they sign in. If a student’s temperature is over 100 degrees, the student will not be permitted to stay for their group.
We will also be encouraging the wearing of face coverings at all times (masks will be provided), regular hand washing, and sanitizing footballs and equipment, etc. Each group will also sanitize their rooms after their group time.

What time does my child need to be there?
We have six different 90-minute group times, starting at half-hour intervals from 6:00-8:30pm (last group ending at 10pm). The group your teen is in will determine at which time they come. If your teen doesn’t know what their group or time is, feel free to call us anytime at 814-665-2445 or email sarah@corryfirst.org.

What if I have several kids that come at different times?
Since our groups are separated by gender and age, we know that this will be a real challenge for several families and siblings. We have done our best to put the groups together so that all siblings are in groups that are right next to one another on the schedule (one starts and ends half hour after the other). For those occasions where teens need to be dropped off early and picked up a little late to accommodate for siblings’ group times, we will have the youth room open as a staffed ‘waiting room’ where they can play games and connect with others while they wait. We want to help this work for your family in any way we can.

Can my child be moved to another group time that’s more convenient?
We are willing to move teens into different groups if absolutely necessary, but we love for our groups to stick together as much as possible over the years to grow and learn together as a family. There are many factors that go into determining what teen goes into what small groups, and we believe we have done the best we can to consider all of those factors.

Can you give my child a ride home?
Currently, we offering rides home (inside Corry city limits) in our church van at 8:00 pm and the 10:00 pm conclusion of our last group. If a student is in a group that ends at 8 or 10, we should be able to give them a ride home if they can’t find one.