Let us pray for your needs and joys…

We thank God for the privilege to pray and His ever present heart of compassion and healing to us.  Please take advantage of our prayer ministry opportunities:


eMail and Telephone Prayer Chain

Complete the form below or email to have your prayer need distributed to a large list of Christians committed to pray.
You can put a prayer need on the chain by calling the church office at 814-665-2445.  The request will be immediately passed through a telephone chain of committed Christians who will pray.
If you have something you’d like us to include on our prayer list, please complete this form.  Be sure to press Submit.

Our Prayer Room

The prayer room located near the Sanctuary is available for those private moments when you need to spend time alone in prayer.  Please check in at the office when you arrive.

Prayer Shawl and Cross Ministry

Prayer shawls for women and pocket-size crosses for men are handmade and given to individuals who may be going through especially difficult or extended circumstances.  Contact the church office at 655-2445 if you know of a need